The smart phone picture wave is in full effect! Our InstaPIX service harnesses the power of social photography apps and delivers the result as instant slide show at your event!

How it works:

1) Create/communicate a #HashTag that describes to your event, such as #SmithBerryWedding


2) Instruct your guests to capture/upload their pics publicly and tag with #SmithBerryWedding


3) InstaPIX retrieves pictures from #SmithBerryWedding and instantly displays a slide show for all to see!

Try it now!

1) Fire up Instagram or Twitter on your device

2) Take a picture or video (and use your favorite filters, of course!)  
3) Use our demo hashtags #MyEpicEvent2014 or MyWedding2014   
4) Visit the demo site and see your picture or video in the slideshow!