You’re planning the big event and looking for a fun and unique way to bring everyone together. Then it hits you: These folks love to sing!


Our Essential Karaoke service provides everything you and your guests need to have fun and belt-out all the most popular tunes. Below you will find all the information about our Essential Karaoke packages for your event. Contact Us if you have any questions and use our Quote Generator to check pricing and availability.


Essential Karaoke packages include:

      • Access to over 30,000 titles via our Karaoke Cloud
      • 4 Microphones – Karaoke solos, duos, trios or assemble a quartet!
      • 24″ screens to display lyrics in HD quality
      • Titles available with/without background vocals
      • On-the-fly Pitch/Tempo adjustments
      • 24″ screens to display lyrics in HD quality