Looking to entertain your guests with a unique, one-of-a-kind venue experience? Add a splash of Essential Lightscaping services into the mix and be amazed at the results! Our lighting specialists will work with you hand-in-hand to discuss, plan and provide everything you have in mind. Have questions? Contact us for more information.




Uplighting is the art of painting with beams of light to create a truly captivating backdrop at your event. Precise placement of our battery powered, wireless CUBE fixtures allow us to create a focal point on objects that under ordinary lighting, might not be noticed. All you need to tell us is how many fixtures you require and a list of colors you would like displayed.

LED Beam

LED ColorWash

Entertainment Essentials Beam LED UPLighting
Entertainment Essentials ColorWash UPLighting



Looking to draw attention to a table, centerpiece, floral arrangement or specific area of the room? Our Accent Lighting adds the perfect amount of focused illumination.

Pinspot Lighting

Under Table Lighting

Entertainment Essentials Pinspot Lighting
Entertainment Essentials Under Table Lighting



Texture lighting is the art of using light to create dimension, space, and visual interest by breaking up the boring flat appearance of everyday items and turning them into extraordinary art pieces. A normal room can be re-imagined using light. Texture lighting uses gobos, or metal/ glass discs with special designs cut into them that break up a light source and create patterns on a dance floor, ceiling, wall cake, or other items in a room. By adding color and varying intensity the effect can be quite dramatic transforming a space into something completely new and different.

Entertainment Essentials Texture Lighting
Entertainment Essentials Texture Lighting



Monogram lighting can be an excellent way to pull together all of the design elements of your event together. It is is by far one of the most cost-effective and elegant ways to create a unique and inviting entertaining space out of a traditionally boring or drab reception room. Monograms are also our one-and-only service that goes home as a keepsake, in the form of a custom etched disc.

Entertainment Essentials Custom Monogram Design

Dance Floor Projection

Wall Projection

Entertainment Essentials Monogram Design and Projection
Entertainment Essentials Monogram Design and Projection


Interested in something you don’t see listed? Contact our friendly lighting specialists for more information.