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You take an awesome couple, friends, family and one of Louisville’s finest museums. What do you get? One of the best weddings the summer of 2013 has seen! Jenn and Ryan were without a doubt one of our favorite couples to work with this year. From the start, Jenn emphasized that they wanted to keep their plans simple, yet fun and focused around the entertainment of their guests. Obviously we had no objections!


The Frazier Arms Museum provides a refreshing perspective on what an upscale wedding venue should be. Nearby and ample guest parking – Ceremony area with in-house audio system and breathtaking views – A cozy and accommodating reception area with partitioned sections that can be used for cocktails, dinner and dancing.


As friends and family made their way down from the ceremony on the rooftop garden, they were greeted by Masterson’s Catering staff who (as always) did a wonderful job of handling the bar and catering. From wedding party introductions leading into a tunnel formed by guests, to a custom made Bridesmaid Dance mix; Jenn and Ryan had tons of great ideas for the reception! When it came time to dance, there wasn’t a free spot to be found on the floor. They also chose to have a Photo Booth, so guests could leave a lasting impression as they took a break from the action.


Jenn and Ryan: You were truly a pleasure to work with and we wish you (and Kaleb) nothing but the best in your new life together!



Venue – The Frazier Arms Museum –
Caterer – Masterson’s –



8.10.2013 | Jenn & Ryan from Entertainment Essentials on Vimeo.



From the moment we met, I knew Lori and Jack were crazy in love and their wedding would be a hit! They chose a Louisville staple, The Olmsted for their ceremony and reception. If one thing is for sure, it’s that more couples are looking to make the wedding experience easy for their guests. Having both the ceremony and reception all under the same roof is always a plus!


Lori admitted, she was a “worrywart” but her mind was quickly put at ease once we began scheduling planning sessions to map out all the details of their big day. They dug through memories and worked to find several musical selections provided a sense of originality; such as their first dance by Sister Hazel titled “This Kind of Love”.


In the blink of an eye, October 21st arrived. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the fall, just as Lori and Jack had envisioned. Beginning in the morning with a photography session with Robert Burge, everything fell perfectly into place. The ceremony was beautiful. Lori and Jack’s lives were joined and a joyous “Mazel Tav!” echoed throughout the Olmsted foyer.


Guests mingled, enjoyed cocktails and then a delicious dinner prepared by Masterson’s. The reception was a hit, as Lori and Jack planned for! See all the details in HD video, captured by ICVideo. They did an exquisite job (as always) of capturing the day, which can be seen at


Congratulations to Lori and Jack. We wish you they very best in your new life together!


Venue: The Olmsted
Catering: Masterson’s
Photography: Robert Burge
Videography: ICVideo