Wedding Photo Booth


If there is one thing to aim for when planning a wedding, it’s a comfortable atmosphere. It is the one aspect of the event that benefits nearly everyone in attendance; especially the wedding party! For some it comes easy, while others may have a tough time attaining it.


While you won’t find it on Google, creating “comfortable” has a lot to do with the family and friends you invite to share your wedding day with you. Does the demographic of your invitation list consist of every person you’ve ever known, or just those with whom you’ve grown close to throughout the years? If you are on the fence, I recommend siding with the latter option. Here’s why…


As I met with Megan to visit the wedding venue (The Shuck Farm), I could sense the excitement between the two families. They were bonding and coming together to support Megan and Kevin in their new life together. While discussing details of the anniversary dance, the couple knew (almost) without hesitation who on their invite list had been married the longest. When it came time for toasts; we heard some of the most sincere, heartfelt (and hilarious) words ever spoken.


What made all this possible? A smaller tight-knit crowd. Those presenting a toast were in good company, which allowed them to be themselves, relish the details and know their audience would follow along. The dance floor was full of familiar faces and inviting to those who might not have normally “cut a rug”. You couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere to celebrate the new life of a married couple. Though this is just my $.02 🙂


We send our well wishes to Kevin and Megan as you return from the honeymoon and begin your new life together. It was a pleasure to work with you, your family and friends on the biggest day of your lives. God bless!



Venue – The Shuck Family Farm – (502) 231-2791
Caterer – Fire Fresh